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Mitch's Pix & Videos Of Bands & Friends In Arizona

Sunset, Sunrise, & Other Things In The Sky

Dog Action 2020.04.02

My Good Girls 2020.03.25

Perfect Pups 2019.11

Misc Tempe Pics 2019.10

Panoramas 2019.10

My Dogs 2019.10

Tempe Skies 2019.10

Tempe 2019.07.21 to 30

My Dogs July 2019

3rd Annual MAFW Bunny Hop Ride 2019.04.06

Wintery Desert 2019.02.23

Assorted Pix 2019.01

Around Tempe, AZ 2019.01.11

Around Tempe, AZ 2018.10.27

Carvana Tempe, AZ 2018.06.13

Gammage Auditorium After Dark 2018.05.23

Tempe/ASU 2018.05.17

Tempe 2018.05.14 & 15

Pix Taken From Around Tempe 2018.05.05

Pix Taken From The Citibank Parking Garage On Ash, North Of University 2018.04.29

Planes & Stuff 2018.04.23

Tempe 2018.04.15

2nd Annual MAFW Bunny Hop Ride 2018.03.24

Tempe Tour De Fat 2015.10.03

Happy Happy Joy Joy
Fun Loving Dalmatians 2013.02.05

Happy Happy Joy Joy
My Dalmatian Friends 2013.01.10

Happy Happy Joy Joy
Jacob Hebert and his Dalmatian friends 2012.05.29

Happy Doggies!
Bella, Jasmine, & Dolce Playing 2011.10.01

Doggie Action Pix

My New Puppy Jasmine's First Day At Her New Home 2008.10.08

Pix Of Happy Dogs 2008.01 to 09

Aftermath Of Hurricane Force Storm In Tempe, AZ

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